Representative Works

I have put recordings and scores of some representative compositions on this page. A few of my pieces are published and available from Editions Billaudot in Paris, so you won’t find the scores here. The rest are available free of charge from me. Some of the scores are here, some exist only on paper. You are welcome to download the music you find on this web site (right click the "mp3" link and select "download linked file"). I will be happy to send you the parts if you wish to perform the larger compositions. If you are interested in other pieces, I can send them to you also. If you have questions, feel free to be in touch. If you perform my music, please let me know about it.

My most recent piece, Variations, was premiered by Ensemble Zellig during the 2010/11 season. Here is a video recording of the dress rehearsal.

Change and End was also premiered by Ensemble Zellig in the fall of 2010. Here is a beautiful recording by Ensemble Zellig members Etienne Lamaison and Silvia Lenzi.

Download Score (pdf) | mp3

Neely Bruce's recordings of all twelve fugues, with their scores, have been added to the Piano and Solo Music section below. I hope you will check them out.

Orchestra Music

From the Log of the Alice

for orchestra | mp3 | Download Score (pdf)

RI Philharmonic, Providence 2006



for Flute, Harp, Piano, and String Orchestra | Download Score (pdf)

Movement I | mp3

Movement II | mp3

Movement III | mp3

Iceland Philharmonic Orchestra, 2010


Mount Hope in Autumn

for orchestra | mp3

Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, 1989



For Orchestra | mp3 | Download Score (pdf)

Brown University Orchestra, 2009


Chamber Music

Change and End

for clarinet and cello | mp3 | Download Score (pdf)

Ensemble Zellig, 2010



for clarinet, cello and piano| mp3 | Download Score (pdf)

Ensemble Zellig, 2010


Piano Trio

for violin, cello, and piano

I : Andante Serioso | mp3

II : Scherzando A La Russe | mp3

III : Adagio Rubato E Molto Espressivo | mp3

IV : Allegro Marcato | mp3

Eaken Trio, 1993



for Clarinet, Cello and Piano | Download Score (pdf)

Movement I | mp3

Movement II | mp3

Movement III | mp3

Ensemble Zelig, 2008


A Curse - Snakes, Toads and Spiders in the Mouths of Lying Politicians

for saxophone quartet | mp3

United States Coast Guard Saxophone Quartet, 2007


Quartet for Saxophones

For Saxaphone Quartet | mp3 | Download Score (pdf)

United States Coast Guard Saxophone Quartet, 2008


The Shooting of Dan McGrew

for narrator and chamber ensemble | mp3 | Download Score (pdf)

Aurea, 2002



for Percussion and Keyboards | mp3

Rice University Percussion Ensemble, 1991


Vocal Music


for vocal quartet and live electronic manipulation | mp3

Electric Phoenix, 1987


Prayer for the Great Family

for vocal quartet | mp3 | Download Score (pdf)

Electric Phoenix, 1986


Love Songs in Age

for vocalist and piano | Download Score (pdf)

I: Talking in Bed | mp3

II: When first we faced, and touching showed | mp3

III: Love Songs in Age | mp3

Helding/Blyth Duo, 2001


Piano and Solo Music

Breath Etude

for solo saxophone | mp3

Jean-Yves Formeau, 2006


Twelve Fugues

for piano

Fugue # 1 in Bb | mp3 | score

Fugue # 2 in A | mp3 | score

Fugue # 3 in Eb | mp3 | score

Fugue # 4 in D | mp3 | score

Fugue # 5 in E | mp3 | score

Fugue # 6 in F | mp3 | score

Fugue # 7 in C# | mp3 | score

Fugue # 8 in G | mp3 | score

Fugue # 9 in Ab | mp3 | score

Fugue # 10 in C | mp3 | score

Fugue # 11 in F# | mp3 | score

Fugue # 12 in B | mp3 | score

Neely Bruce, 2011


For Alice

for piano | mp3 | Download Score (pdf)

Arlene Cole, 1976