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Listening In, Looking Out

Hiroya Miura, a Sendai native who has been active in the North American new music scene, and multi-faceted media artist, Peter Bussigel assemble a sound and image performance that crosses national and generational borders.

Listening In, Looking Out is a creative project which focuses on audio-visual communication between adults and children. With the support of Reiko Sekiguchi, the director of Heart and Art Space Be-I, where Miura spent a good part of his formative years making his first encounters with art, young children paint while listening to Miura's music, then Bussigel animates these paintings. His animations are again brought back to the children for a sound workshop to generate more music.

On August 31, the combined image and sound are finally given to the cellist Jun Yamamoto (Sendai Philharmonic member), and the percussionist Masaki Endo, to create an evening of multimedia performance with all forces joined!

As artists, we look forward to sharing our layered communication with audience members, attempting together to stretch our eyes and ears wide open to reach out further.

After our performance in Sendai, Listening In, Looking Out will be brought to the children across the Pacific Ocean, where we plan to mirror the process in the United States.

Listening In, Looking Out

Date: Monday, 8.31.2009.
Time: 18:30 (Doors open at 18:00)
Place: Sendai Mediatheque, Studio Theater (7th Floor)
Ticket: 2,000 yen (free seating, reservation accepted by phone or email below)

Information: Kobusiko
tel 090-7529-0969

**Due to unforeseen circumstances, the content of the concert may be changed or cancelled. We appreciate your understanding in advance