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works for chamber ensemble

diacritic for percussion quartet

performed by boston conservatory percussion ensemble (2016)

singularity (scorefor string quartet

performed by momenta quartet (2012)

mitaté (score) for percussion sextet, written for 2012 Carnegie Hall’s JapanNYC Festival

performed by rutgers percussion ensemble (2012)

eventide for piano, written for mari asakawa

performed by mari asakawa (2016)

blow out for percussion quartet
performed by Line C3 Percussion Group (2016)

Line C3 Percussion Group on Vimeo.

open passage for alto flute, violin, cello, and piano (2005)

performed by new york new music ensemble

moon petals for violin and piano

performed by g-sharp duo (2005)

puncture me for percussion trio (2001, rev. 2006)

performed by timetable percussion

kasane goshi for gagaku sankan ensemble (2007)

performed by members of reigakusha (mayumi miyata, sho; takeshi sasamoto, ryuteki; hitomi nakamura, hichiriki)  excerpt only

save twilight for cello and electronics (2003)

performed by hugh livingston

otik trio for percussion trio (2004)

performed by timetable percussion

works for large ensemble

analemma (scorefor large orchestra (2013)

wind coils for chamber orchestra (2006)

performed by american composers orchestra directed by jeff milarsky

kicked for chamber orchestra

performed by speculum musicae directed by jeff milarsky

cut for biwa and chamber orchestra (2007)

multimedia works

listening in, looking out (co-created with video artist peter bussigel and school children in sendai, japan)

for percussion, cello, and video (2009)

interactive lines (co-created with video artist fabiana cruz)

video installation (2010)

motion studies (live performance clip)

for marimba and video controlled by max/msp jitter (2009)

performed by bruno lobianco

music for film

junko’s shamisen

film by sol friedman (2009)

performed by nagata shachu ensemble and ten-ten on shakuhachi, shamisen, and taiko

4021 parkside avenue

film by byron karabatsos (2008)